Sony MDRAS 200 Active Sports Headphones

Sony MDRAS 200 Active Sports Headphones are lightweight and have a clip-on feature for people who have active lifestyles and wear these headphones during workout at the gym or while running.

They also have a loop hanger that provides a secure fit. The headphones are designed in a way that even if you sweat, they won’t get damaged due to their water resistance.

Sony MDRAS 200 Active Sports Headphones Sony MDRAS 200 sports earphones provide a secure fit for active use, and come with a remote control for easy access to music controls while you’re on the move. The Sony MDRAS 200s have a 20-millimeter driver that delivers clear sound across all frequencies, so you’ll enjoy your favorite music as much as ever.

Sony MDRAS 200 Active Sports Headphones

Overall Score

Comfort 80%
Sound 80%
Material Quality 80%

The Sony active sports headphones have 13.5 mm high sensitivity drivers incorporated for premium sound quality. The earbud structure is angled in such a way that it provides stable fitting so that the headphones don’t fall out of the ears. These are wired headphones.

MDRAS 200 Complete Sony’s signature digital noise cancelling technology, which uses Sony’s cutting-edge Sonic sound system to create a smoother sound for the MDRAS 200s. Sony’s proprietary Aero Acoustic design generates an internal air flow that hugs your ear and reduces ambient noise.

When you’re out running or cycling, Sony’s adaptive sound control and dynamic bass boost will give you consistent sound quality in almost any environment, ensuring that Sony MDRAS 200s continue to deliver the same level of audio performance or better. Sony’s 20mm driver units provide extended frequency response, giving you full-bodied music that’s also crisp and clear.

Sony MDRAS 200 Active Sports Headphones Sony’s built-in remote control offers one touch access to Sony MDRAS 200’s most commonly used functions. Sony MDRAS 200 Active Sports Headphones Sony’s proprietary flattening filter technology prevents the gap between Sony MDRAS 200 ear cups from becoming blocked, maintaining comfortable fit and excellent audio performance throughout its lifespan


Connectivity Technology

These headphones are wired.


They are designed to be in-ear headphones. To adapt to active lifestyle usage, these headphones come with a clip-on feature as well as a loop hanger that provides a secure and stable fit.


High sensitivity drivers of 13.5 mm have been incorporated in them for premium sound quality.


The weight of these Sony MDRAS 200 Active Sports Headphones is 0.423 ounces.

Comparison with previous version Sony MDRAS10/B Headphones

Sony MDRAS 200 vs Sony MDRAS 210/B


both of headphone Lightweight to wear

Specifically for sports

The clip-on feature of these headphones suits active lifestyles and sports activities.


They are comfortable to wear with adjustable loop hanger design that makes the fit a secure one.

Earbud structure

The earbuds of Sony MDRAS 200 have a specifically designed angled earbud structure that provides a more personalized and stable fit.

Serrated Cable

They come with a serrated cable that increases durability and longevity of the headphones. The serrated cable is 1.2 m long and is tangle-free, hence more flexibility.


The Sony MDRAS active sports headphones come in a variety of colours to choose from

Clip-on feature

Both the headphones have the clip-on feature that provides a secure fit while you are actively engaged in some activity like running or workout.

Loop hangers

The loop hangers are also included in both versions that are adjustable and help in secure clipping to the ears.


Sony MDRAS 200 headphones have 13.5 mm highly sensitive drivers

whereas Sony MDRAS 210/B have 0.53 inches drivers that offer highly boosted sound.

Water resistance

Both the headphones have water resistance and are splash-proof for sweat and rain. This water-resistant design will get you through the most rigorous workout at the gym.


Hear every detail with the Sony MDRAS 210/B that has 104 dB/mW sensitivity and 17– 22,000 Hz frequency range. Open design offers natural acoustics and hence the sound flows naturally in and out the back side of the earcups. The cord is 3.94 ft that is long enough not to come in the way if you are on the workout machines.

The MDR-AS210 has adjustable loop hangers for a secure fit during sports activities.