COWIN E7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Review

The Active Noise Cancelling technology of COWIN E7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones  significantly reduces noise while travelling and at work. The advanced technology of noise reduction decreases noise wherever you are, be it an airplane, a busy road or a noisy office. It aims to provide you a noise-free environment where you can focus on your work and watch movies as well as listen to music freely with convenience. This noise cancelling feature works great in both the wireless as well as wired modes.

The COWIN E7 wireless headphones have 45mm large-aperture drivers that provide a precise and deep bass with crisp and clear sound quality. Around-ear headphones provide better sound quality that lets you enjoy your favourite music and podcasts better.

Overall Score

Comfort 80%
Sound 85%
Material Quality 80%

COWIN E7 Bluetooth headphones have built-in Microphone with NFC technology that provides high-quality sound for hands-free calls, that makes it convenient for you to receive calls without the hassle of tangling wires. NFC pairing technology is aided by voice stimulus and it offers stable and fast connection with your Bluetooth devices, thanks to its powerful Bluetooth.

The earpad is a professional protein earpad and has earcups that rotate at 90 degrees. This gives them more durability as well as comfort for longer listening periods. They offer high quality comfort for longer durations by their around-ear fit. But it is advised to take them off every couple of hours so as to maintain the comfort and enjoyment of hearing.

The COWIN E7 wireless headphones have a playtime of about thirty hours per charge when Bluetooth is turned on. The 750 mAh battery is built-in that works for longer hours and while the Bluetooth feature is on, so that your headphones don’t face unexpected shut downs up to thirty hours. If you are going on a trip, you don’t need to worry about the headphones running out of battery.

If in any case, you have some issue with your headphones, you can easily contact the customer service representatives and they would respond quickly as these headphones come with an eighteen-month warranty.

Why COWIN E7 Active Noise Cancelling headphone best for you?



The COWIN E7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones have powerful ANC function that greatly decreases noise while you are travelling or at work. The latest noise reduction technology suppresses airplane noise, traffic noise or noisy office, letting you focus on what you are hearing, be it a podcast or music. These headphones use Bluetooth 4.0 technology and NFC 30 hours playtime.


The ear pads are made up of super soft ear cushions that makes them pillow-like soft for a comfortable fit. These headphones are lightweight and the earcups can rotate too for a personalized fit.


These COWIN E7 headphones are of high quality and have been manufactured after years of research in wireless ANC headphones. They reduce noise up to a great level, thus, making the music sound better. They can be a great gift idea as well.  


The Active Noise Cancelling feature of these headphones mainly targets unwanted sounds of lower frequencies that come from engines, traffic, airplanes and trains. This helps you focus on what you are listening without any hassles and disturbances, be that a podcast, music or even watching a movie.  But the active noise cancelling feature does not cancel out any unwanted sounds of higher frequency like snoring or talking.

COWIN E7 Waterproof Zipper Hard Portable Headphone Carrying Case

Tangle free wiring

These headphones come in a wireless version. These wireless headphones are hassle-free and best for usage as the Bluetooth and NFC connections can be made conveniently and quickly, and that too, without any compromise on the quality of the sound delivered by the headphones. You get to listen crystal clear, refined sound.

Easy controls

The COWIN E7 Wireless Bluetooth headphones have easy controls that can be managed conveniently, and with their extraordinary features of noise cancellation, it is easier to receive and answer calls using the controls on the headphones. These controls can also be used to turn the active noise cancellation on and off.

Amazing sound

The amazing sound quality of this headphone lets you notice the precise details of your favourite song, be it the vocals, guitar chords, deep bass or crystal-clear percussion.

Long playtime

When Bluetooth or Active Noise Cancellation is turned on, the playtime of these headphones is approximately thirty hours per charge, which is a quite lengthy time duration. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about the battery dying even if you are travelling or on-the-go. The battery is a 750 mAh that makes sure that your headphones do not turn off.


They are compatible with all audio devices and smartphones.

Water resistance


Comparison with previous version COWIN Apex Active Noise Cancelling wireless earbuds with microphone

COWIN E7 ANC Wireless VS Dyplay ANC Over-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Active Noise Cancellation

The COWIN E7 ANC wireless earbuds use Advanced Active Noise Cancelling Technology

whereas Dyplay ANC Active Noise Cancelling wireless earbuds use Premium Active Noise Cancelling Technology.

Sound Quality

The COWIN E7 have the following features for sound quality: HD Stereo Sound, 45 mm Dynamic Drivers, Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation, Dual EQ Mode, Deep Bass, Graphene Drivers.

The Dyplay ANC wireless earbuds have the following features for sound quality: Hi-Fi Stereo Sound, 10 mm Dynamic Drivers, Premium Active Noise Cancellation, Preset EQ Mode, Deep Bass, Graphene Drivers.

Noise Reduction Percentage

Both the versions reduce the noise up to 90%.

Built-in Microphone

The newer version uses 5-microphone technology

whereas the older version uses Single Microphone Technology with CVC Noise cancelling. It also supports HD calls.

Bluetooth Wireless Connectivity

The newest version has the Bluetooth V 4.0 & NFC technology

whereas the previous version has the Bluetooth V 5.0.

Detachable Cables Included

COWIN E7 has a 1/8” TRS Audio Cable

whereas detachable cable is not present in Dyplay ANC earbuds.

Battery life

COWIN E7 has a battery life of up to 30 hours when on Bluetooth and NFC operation as well as wired mode too.

The Dyplay ANC has a battery life of 5 hours along with an additional 15 hours with the charging case.

Earcup Swivel & Foldable design

COWIN E7 has earcup swivel of 15° in and 90° out

whereas the other ones are truly wireless.

Recommended For

COWIN E7 is recommended for travelling, home use, workout/exercise, meeting, online classes.

And Dyplay ANC headphones are recommended for commuting, use at home, gym, workout, sports, casual use, meetings and online classes.

Additional Features

COWIN E7 pro upgraded headphones are comfortable over-ear headphones with soft ear cushions having Protein leather memory foam. They are extremely lightweight and compatible with smartphones as well as Windows/Android/iOS/TV.

The Dyplay ANC NC wireless earbuds have IPX7 waterproof rating, touch controls, single/twin mode as well as USB-C quick charge feature. They are easy to pair, have a secure fit and an ergonomic 3D design that makes them comfortable, securely fitted, lightweight and compatible with Windows/Android/iOS/TV and smartphones.




Frequency Response (Averaged and Compensated)

Noise Isolation

Cowin e7 noise cancelling


Microphone Frequency Response


Q: Does the noise cancelling feature work during air travel?

It works great. The sound is good and the noise cancelling works pretty good as well during air travel. It blocks ambient noise wherever you are and therefore, it can easily be used while air travelling.

Are Cowin noise cancelling headphones good?

 Yes.It is a very nice headphone with the noise cancelling feature and affordable price. These are great to have when you’re travelling by air, train or bus and want to reduce background noises.

Is the Cowin E7 good for gaming?

Yes. The Cowin E7 is a good pair of headphones for gaming. If you are looking to buy a new set of headphones, these may be just the one for you.

Q: Do these headphones automatically connect to a Bluetooth device for further use after I have paired them once?

Yes of course. Once you pair it, then the pairing is automatic from the second time onwards. The Bluetooth connection is quite easy to establish as well as stable and fast.

Q: Cowin e7 active noise cancelling bluetooth headphones with microphone how to use mic

  1. Setting>>Bluetooth.
  2. Keep the Bluetooth on of your headphone and your device. When Bluetooth connection setup complete. Then go to microphone setting.
  3. Sound>>input and choose Cowin headphone.

Q: How to change battery on cowin e7 active noise cancelling bluetooth headphones

Q: Cowin e7 active noise cancelling headphones bluetooth headphones how to know when charged

The remaining battery charge can be checked by pressing the button. The indicator (blue), which flashes twice when you press the button to turn on the headset, flashes then the indicator red.

The indicator (red), which flashes two times, can be used to determine how much the battery is remaining.