beats solo 3 wireless bluetooth headphones – rose gold Review

beats solo 3 wireless Bluetooth headphones with in-line microphone are available in white and red colours. They are wired headphones with a closed-back design. The connecting plug type is a 3.5 mm audio jack. Sound isolation at its best is one of the leading qualities of these headphones. They have luxurious and premium ear pads that are built with the softest material and are cushioned for a comfortable experience. They come with a built-in microphone and volume controls to raise or lower the volumes.
beats solo 3 wireless bluetooth headphones

The beats solo 3 wireless Bluetooth headphones are compatible with iOS devices like iPhones and iPod and Android devices like smartphones and tablets that have a 3.5 mm audio jack plug. 40 mm driver units are incorporate in them that produce a frequency response of approximately 20 KHz and a sensitivity of 108 dB. The cord is very long for convenience of users. The impedance produced by these headphones is 32.

Beats solo 3 wireless bluetooth headphones

Overall Score

Comfort 75%
Sound 80%
Material Quality 80%

Experience a fantastic listening experience with a new level of excellence, luxury, comfort and design. Beats solo 3 wireless Bluetooth headphones have a microphone that provides superb sound quality, along with the additional ease and comfort of a built-in microphone.

These headphones utilize modern features, functions and performance with the latest technology offering sound isolation for a peaceful hearing experience. The headphones have a concise and sleek style that makes the earcups flexible enough that they can extend so that they fit you well and that with a personalized experience for ultimate comfort. The headband is soft and adjustable just like the ear pads that are soft and make listening for longer hours enjoyable and fatigue-free.


Noise Isolation

The noise isolation feature makes surrounding ambient noise reduced up to a great level, hence making the listening convenient and noise-free.


Soft luxury ear cushions and ear pads as well as soft headband makes hearing comfortable, even if you are wearing the headphones for a longer duration.


The dimensions of these headphones are 5.9 x 8.6 x 4.55 inches


The Solo beats 3 headphones are compatible with all iOS devices and Android devices like smartphones, tablets, iPods and iPhones.


As these are wired headphones, they come with a cord. The cord is very long and 1.2 m in length so that you can easily connect them anywhere.


The have advanced fold-flat earcups design.


They are made up of durable materials for long working life.


They can be carried in their drawstring nylon carry bag as they are portable due to their fold-flat design.


They use a 3.5mm audio plug.


They are compatible with all audio devices and smartphones.

Water resistance


Comparison with previous version solo beats 3 headphones with microphone

Solo beats 3 vs Solo Pro


The Beats Solo3 headphone come in a variety of colours like red and white

whereas the Solo pro Flux headphones come in multiple colour.


Both headphone are wireless headphones. Both headphone are also compatible with iOS and Android.

Headphone style

Both version is in a closed-back design.

Audio Jack

Both have a 3.5 mm audio jack that can be plugged in all devices that support this plug like iOS and Android devices.

Sound Quality

Both the headphones sound good and have a pretty good bass.

but the Pro are a bit more neutral.





The Beats Solo 3 is almost identical to the Beats Solo 2 Wired. They are almost identical in weight and fit just as well on the head.

Although the Beats Solo Pro is quite comfortable, some may find them too tight. Although the cups are thicker than the Beats solo3 2019 Wireless, they feel less bulky against your ears once you have them on.

Build Quality

These headphones are compact and well-built. They won’t break , if dropped accidentally. These headphones are made from high-end materials

Beats Solo Pro headphones are built to last and have the same feel as high-end headphones. Materials are strong and durable.



Beats solo 3 wireless bluetooth headphones Complete Practical Review


Q: Can these headphones be folded for storing them?

A: No, these headphones cannot be folded. They can be expanded to fit a large sized head, and therefore, they can be retracted as well, but not folded of course.

Q: Do they work with iPad and other iOS devices?

A: Yes, they do work with an iPad and all other iOS devices that have a 3.5 mm audio jack supporting plug.

Q: How many audio jacks does this headphone have?

A: This pair of headphones has only one audio jack.

Q: Are they collapsible?

A: No, they do not collapse.

Q: Can these headphones be used with Kindle?

A: They can be used with iOS devices like iPhone and iPad, and they also with Kindle.

Q: Do they work on battery?

A: No, they do not have any battery, they simply work like all other wired headphones.

Q: Are these headphones portable?

A: They are quite portable. They can be taken anywhere with their superb sound quality.

Q: Are these headphones compatible with Windows?

A: These headphones have compatibility with all the devices that feature a 3.5mm audio jack like iPhone, iPod, Tablets and Smartphones.

Q: Do the Beats Solo 3 only work with Apple devices and not other smart phones?

A: Beats Solo 3 doesn’t only work with Apple devices. They also work with other smart phones, but they’re just not compatible. That means that you can’t use the Beats Solo 3 with your smartphone unless you have a Bluetooth connection to it. Do note that while Beats Solo 3 may be able to connect wireless via Bluetooth, they will only connect with Apple devices.